Citrus Heights Fence and Gate Installation

Wood Fence & Gate Installation in Citrus Heights

Wood fencing is one of the most popular fencing options for Citrus Heights residents because of its beauty and durability. With affordable wood fences and gates, you can enjoy security and privacy while knowing your fence is designed to withstand decay, insects, and more—so it will provide a beautiful protective barrier for years to come. We are experts in designing custom fences but also offer more common styles to meet your needs.

Citrus Heights High Quality Wood Fence and Gate Styles

We want your fence to be exactly the style you want. To achieve that, we will talk with you about all your options so you understand what is possible and recommended—from wood species to valuable upgrades.

For Citrus Heights, we recommend popular redwood and cedar woods for fences and gates. Additional features you might like include board-on-board, dog-eared, capped, and lattice-topped. The posts in particular are critical to your fence’s stability and longevity. Upgrading your posts can give you a fence for life. Options to upgrade your posts include:

U-Channel Steel Fence Posts

U-Channel steel fence posts valued for their strength and stability combined with ease of concealment.

Z-Channel Steel Fence Posts

Z-Channel steel fence posts offer excellent strength and come coated in brown powder to help them blend with natural surroundings.

Concrete Crowns

Concrete crowns give your posts additional protection with an encased base that is nearly impervious to decay and similar damage.

To give you true longevity, we also advise installing pressure-treated, colored fence posts because of their superior quality.

We are here to design and build the fence that fits your budget and aesthetic goals, so if you prefer a more budget-friendly wood, such as fir, we are happy to use that to create an equally gorgeous fence and gate for your home.

Highly Durable Wooden Gates in Citrus Heights

Stylish gates are perfect for entry ways to swimming pools, gardens, yards and more. We are professionals at achieving your desired look and building gates for life.

Let us help you create a gate that gives you a lifetime of security, privacy, and enjoyment—no matter how much it gets used. To ensure longevity, we can use durable woods and steel materials. Among the types of gates available are:

  • Gate Operators
  • Wood Gates
  • Courtyard Gates
  • Custom Gates
  • Arched Gates
  • Automatic Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Custom Gates
  • Driveway Gates

The best gates combine functionality, durability, and beauty. Let us walk you through what’s possible for wood fencing and gates at your Citrus Heights home.

Reliable Citrus Heights Gate & Fence Design and Build Services

With years of experience, we have refined the design-build process for our Citrus Heights wood fence and gate clients. We help you determine the best design for your needs, build it with superior “old fashioned” craftsmanship, and install it reliably and quickly:

  • Trellises
  • Post Crowns
  • Wood Staining
  • Routered Edges
  • Cap-and-Arches
  • Custom Designs

Call us today to begin designing the gate and fence of your dreams for your Citrus Heights home.

FREE Gate Saver Pro Gate Brace for Your Citrus Heights Home

Even better, your new gate could be as easy to fix as giving it a quick twist. When you buy a gate with a fence that is at least 70 feet long, we will install—for free—a Gate Saver Pro. This will enable you to make simple adjustments to realign your gate to keep it working like new for years, saving time and money.

Citrus Heights Wood Fencing and Gate Design And Installation

Call today and schedule a convenient time to discuss designs for your new wood fence in Citrus Heights. We will provide you with a complimentary site assessment and proposal. You can reach us at (916) 315-9405 or by email, at